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  1. jsummers

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    Jul 26, 2012
    I have to sell my flock so if anyone needs any birds we have several different breeds and varieties
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  2. SallyinIndiana

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    Aug 14, 2012
    Bargersville, Indiana
    Sorry you are having to do this. Ducks are selling fast on CL. I was able to sell my 2 extra ducklings in under 24 hours.
    Chicks have not been selling this week but were sold pretty fast 2 weeks a go.
  3. kabhyper1

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    I got home today and there was another egg . So she layed two today and they were laying in a nest like indention with some poos around them. So she must have been sitting on them. I had to move the little coop they are in and clean it, so I dated the eggs and put them back. I went in tonight and she was sleeping in a pile with the other hens. I picked her up and put her with her eggs and she laid down. I am only letting her sit on these eggs because she was bred 3 days ago before I got her. She wont have fertile eggs until my roo becomes an adult, so we will eat the ones she lays that arent fertile. She apparently lays an egg a day, she stopped since wedneday and laid two today. They never let her hatch her own, they always incubated them. So Im giving her a chance to be a mommy.
  4. Webechickens

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    Apr 1, 2013
    East Central Indiana
    Hello. Hate to hear of anyone having to sell their chickens. Where in Indiana are you? Depending on your proximity and breeds available, I may be interested. I'm looking for EE or Ameraucana, Marans, Welsummer. In other words, pretty egg layers. I already have enough light brown/tan soon to come.

    Good luck finding homes for everybody!

    CCCCCCCCHICKENS Overrun With Chickens

    Dec 3, 2012
    I sent you a pm. Sorry ti hear about you having to get rid of your chickens.
  6. jchny2000

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    Jun 30, 2012
    Pendleton, Indiana, USA
    I really don't think its a problem, my barncats are social with the birds, my Gander doesn't much like them but tolerates them.

    [​IMG] for you and prayers for Alfie
  7. Mother2Hens

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    Jun 10, 2012
    Evansville, IN
    Update on Violet, the three month old Lavender pullet with the leg injury~ torn tendon 4-6 week expected recovery time.

    I'm sorry that I've been so self-absorbed that I have not taken time to respond to people's posts. haha Besides work, etc. etc., taking care of an invalid bird is a full time job! The Metacam anti-inflamatory pain med seems to help her be able to more easily move into different positions. I'm going to explain Violet's condition and how I am problem-solving through trial and error in case someone has an invalid bird now or in the future.

    Thanks for the posts about placing cardboard at the bottom of the dog kennel to block the bottom few horizontal bars where Violet caught her leg. I added some to make sure Adeline doesn't trip. I had some "egg crate" foam leftover from my daughter's dorm bed, so I cut it to fit in the plastic tray at the bottom of the cage since Violet is mostly laying on one side or the other although the meds are helping her be able to sit up sometimes. I put a large trash bag flat over the foam and tucked in the edges like a mattress pad to prevent the foam from getting wet. Then I put a beach towel over the trash bag and tucked in the edges. Next, I put sheets of paper towels (someone just posted something about using paper towels-- thanks for the idea!) over most of the beach towel. In some areas I put some folded newspaper under the paper towels. I've found the paper towel method helps with quick clean-ups throughout the day. Each day, I re-do the beach towel bedding, etc. I'm glad that our washer and dryer has a sanitize cycle! Not only does water and food get spilled, but sometimes Violet gets poop stuck on her since she can't move around much. Two or three times a day I hold her bottom end under a faucet with warm water running and use a tad of Dawn to clean her up. I gently pat her dry with a towel and lay her in the cage with a heat lamp over. I'm using a 100 watt ceramic heat emitter bulb like we used to use for our bearded dragon lizard. It's nice because it provides heat, but seems more even than a bulb and doesn't have light. Tomorrow I am going to make a cage divider with chicken wire because since Adeline is walking around, she sometimes steps on Violet's legs(!) and she knocks the water and food over. With the divider they'll still be able to lay next to each other. I also plan to add clip-on water and food dishes to prevent spills.

    Twice a day I have been taking the two outside supervised since the weather has been so nice. Violet lays on a towel and faithful Adeline is always right by her side. If anything good has come out of this experience, it's that their skittishness has faded since they've been forced to deal with me frequently checking on them. At the beginning, sometimes Adeline would give me a peck on the hand like, "Leave Violet alone!" Now they seem to understand that it's not so bad having a personal nurse. I've been giving them chopped up watermelon with a few blueberries a couple of times a day to make sure Violet is getting liquids. Luckily, she is always interested in eating her chick food. I finally bought some poly vi sol vitamins today.

    If anyone has any suggestions, etc., please let me know. One thing that I'm not sure about is if I should give Violet a total bath sometimes. She tries to do a little grooming and Adeline tries to groom her a little, but it's certainly not like a normal day's grooming. Overall, Violet is certainly trying to get better and Adeline has a great companion (except when she walks on Violet's sore leg!) : - )

    This weekend, I'm planning on re-reading posts that I've skimmed the past few days. Hope CCCHICKENS injured SF is doing better and Old Salt's adopted injured bird is healing. Also thinking about Quinstar and her bulldoggie.
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  8. jchny2000

    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

    Jun 30, 2012
    Pendleton, Indiana, USA
    Pipd Its really hard to move them out [​IMG] I always keep them in a lot longer than I should.
    Aww thats sad [​IMG] Will keep an eye out.

    I have the opposite luck, have a hard time getting boys!

    That is too precious [​IMG]
  9. jchny2000

    jchny2000 Goslings are precious!

    Jun 30, 2012
    Pendleton, Indiana, USA
    [​IMG] I plan to be there!
  10. MillerBirds

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    Jun 25, 2013
    M2H I am just sorry you have had to deal with this, but it sounds like Violet is improving. Hope she fully heals quickly.

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