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    Sep 2, 2012
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    Been trying to keep up on the thread activities and been doing well as far as reading.
    Seriously lacking in my responses though.
    Try and sum things up as small as possible...

    Welcome to all the new people to the thread. If questions have been asked, I have missed them and you might have to repost if there was no answer (I normally have something to offer for questions)

    Sorry to hear about all the sickness, injuries and deaths in several different flocks. I am just waiting for something to happen my end.

    Glad to see a few people back, I know things can be hectic during the summer.

    Still trying to rehome my three roo's. What a pain! One is near his end for the continual noise he produces and his not so friendly demeanor to me while removing a few chickens. Would a bantam be a suitable bird to bring for the 28th?, if so, he is coming with me. Would not be a super meat producer, but I figured if I could butcher a bantam without problems I would be fine with LF.

    I got to meet AATH which was nice. He took two of my leghorn hens to add to his flock.

    Still might be on the look out for a bantam Cochin rooster preferably blue/white/splashy or something showy looking. I am still convinced my three are all girls ( could just be flat out denial and I don't see the rooisms happening).
    Not 100% sure about the lavenders either. Will post newer pictures when I finally get off my lazy butt and take my camera out there.
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    Nov 8, 2012
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    M2H Wow, you really are an amazing mother. Violet should be up and about in no time. Thank you for sharing all the good information.
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    These babies came from Meyer Hatchery over in Ohio. :) And same on checking on them all the time, but mostly because we have a bunch of stray cats wandering the property and I don't trust them too long with the babies out there. Speaking of, anyone want a ginger tabby kitten? 4 of them showed up with their mother not long ago and have been hanging around since. I don't know how many males or females or what age (definitely weaned, though), but they are all friendly and don't mess with the adult chickens or Guineas.
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    Jun 1, 2013
    This is my bantam barred rock rooster. He is 17 months old and is a little timid because he's the lowest rooster on the pecking order. I am giving him away because I have to many rooster and would like him to go to a good home. If anybody is interested please PM me.
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    Aug 14, 2012
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    So I took more baby Millie pics today. Sleeping in the sun!![​IMG]

    We got back from dinner later than planned so I had to lock up everybody in the dark. But I wanted to make sure the baby Millie's were all in, I shine the light in their barrel and they are under their mama and their papa too!! Pretty funny to see babies peek out from under a roo!!;)
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    I don't see why a bantam would be a problem, all the parts are the same as LF, it's just a matter of scale.
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    I am so sorry for the loss of you Dad. Prayers for love and comfort.

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    Jun 10, 2012
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    Thank you for kind words of encouragement about my invalid pullet Violet. I think she’s doing as well as possible; it’s just going to take time.

    I re-read recent posts since I’ve been preoccupied with chicken health issues. I knew my luck would run out at some point! We’re still doing spa pedicure treatments on my BR hen’s scaly leg mites and are also going through the lengthy procedures to eradicate the mites. It’s not nearly as bad as having an invalid chicken, though.

    vickichicki~ I’m going to be in Indy on Wednesday and hoped to stop by your produce stand, but it looks like it’s going to be a quick trip up and back-- taking care of my Lavender’s leg is a lot of work with frequent bedding changes, laundry, cleaning, feeding, meds, giving her some outdoor time-- generally monitoring her to make sure she is not in an awkward position or laying in poop. It’s like working in a nursing home. DH and my kids will be at work, so I hate to be gone too long. Anyway, hope you’ll be at racinchickins’s Chicken Event of the Year.
    Birds with Leg Injuries Support Group
    Old Salt~ How is Jimmy the pheasant getting along? And Eloise the JG with the broken leg? Does she walk with the splint or just rest? CCCCHICKENS~ How in SF doing? Sally in Indiana~ How’s your hen with the injured leg? Can she walk? Good job correcting your duckling’s legs!
    jsummers~ So sorry to hear about your mysterious chicken deaths. Hope you can find out the cause.
    HouseKat~ Did you decide to construct a gazebo coop? It would make a lovely summer home for your chicks. : - )
    Thanks for posting the link to the youtube video “The Hazards of Backyard Chickens.” It is so funny and so true!
    kabhyper~ What fluffy girls! Booker won’t be able to tell them apart, but I guess he won’t care!

    Also, great picture of your very attractive SLWs!

    strssedmom~ Congrats on the first egg!
    BackyardBitten~ Congrats on Big Red’s first egg!
    bradselig~ Congrats on your new hatches!
    amchicken~ What a cute picture of your bantams!
    julie477~ Keep us updated with photos of your EE/Silkie chick. That sounds like a fun mix. Your cockerel Hercules is a doll. Glad you found him a good home.
    Too Fast~ Funny photo of Giant Chicken Eating Someone’s Head! He’s so handsome that he looks like he should be on an advertisement (with the people Photoshopped out of the background-- haha)
    EmSteele~ That’s a great experience for James to show his rabbit and converse with the judge-- and to have a supportive mom. : - )
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    Dec 3, 2012
    She is the same. Although today she seemed to be a little more relaxed.

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