infected incubator

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9 Years
Jan 2, 2011
So I've had a pretty awful run of my hatching. Most make it to lockdown and then die. Majority of those are fully developed with yolk absorbed and everything. I thought it was with shipped eggs, but tried local and still had a bad hatch. I researched and I can't remember what it is but theres a bacterial infection that I think it is, because the dying after fully developing, and my chicks all had scabby navels which was another symptom. But I bleached it and washed it with vinegar and then set it out in the sun. What should I do?
X certainly sounds more like a humidity issue to me

P.S. If it is a bacteria, then it is on the egg from mom or the coop (since you bleach the bator) two things to try if it does not end up being a humidity issue. Mist the bator with oxine mix after you clean it and dry it the first time. Let this mist dry on its own. Use oxine solution as an egg dip prior to setting for incubation. The dilution is on my BYC page near the bottom
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It is more than likely a temp issue, you need to get a trusty thermometer, I had a white springfield thermometer, and it read 100.4, but the temperature was actually 102. I knew it must have been too hot, because the eggs were hatching on day 17 and 18. I had good hatches for the most part, but my 2nd hatch I got 10 out of 15 eggs to hatch, and I realized it was because the temperature was cooking them TOO fast, and I guess the 5 that didn't make it, were fully developed, but had already started to decompose by day 22. They were stinky.

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