info on getting your sale and disposal permit.


7 Years
Dec 17, 2012
Hello I am soon going to apply for my migratory bird sale and disposal permit for the state of wi. Its $75 to get one here. I read all the info on it. I would just like to ask a few of you. What are things to prepare for. I have canadas. White fronts. Woodies.

are you talking separate from the sale and disposal permit? because when i got them from a local breeder of giants I bought a pair and i got the normal permit that you get when getting any other migratory bird breed. same for the woodies and i got them off of this website from mnwaterfowler a year ago. the white fronts I also purchased off of byc and they did tell me i only needed the permit that came with them if i planned on selling the adult birds.

I plan on mainly selling the young woodies as the already started breeding last spring i got them in 2013. the canadas will be another year or 2 before they breed and same with the white fronts I just got them last fall as juveniles,
May be referring to a LA state law. The sale and disposal permit satisfies Federal requirements for MBTA listed waterfowl only. Check your state "Game & Fish" dept. laws for additional requirements. EX-In my state I am required to have a "domesticated bird breeder permit" in addition to the sale and disposal.

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