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    May 23, 2008
    i recently went to wal-mart and checked on sevin dust, with many people using this on thier chickens for fleas etc. i decided to check this out for myself. i have found that no where does say for use on animals, the labeling states that it is hazardous to humans and animals, besides being a killer for bees. which on the bees i didnt know. i know many people swear on the use of this product on thier birds and/or pens etc. there is a product on the market called prozap insectrin dust, you can buy it on line or in feed stores. its a 2 pound shaker can that does 100 chickens for each pound of insectrin dust. it is completely safe for poultry, horses etc. so for the entire can of the insectrin it does 200 birds. it kills fleas, mites, and other nasty little critters, and its safe for coops etc as well. i dont know much on DE so i cant say otherwise. im just worried that with so many people using sevin that they may sicken themselves and thier family. even though many may not use very much of the sevin over time it poisions them. i didnt know if people knew this or not but i feel better educating others on this subject. you may not notice any difference in the chicken etc. but i think its better safe than sorry.
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