Injured chick by dog. What do I do?


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Well... My coop was almost finished. I only had 2 panels to put fencing on. The rest had been screened in with porch screen to keep the mosquitos out. I put my 2 chicks in to let them run around for a bit. I told the kids not to let the dogs out but..... Yep.. I heard the worst sound and looked and my boxer was in the coop. He went right thought the door. He injured one of my girls pretty bad. It cant walk. What should I do? Put it down or give it a chance? I moved the healthy chick to another box because it kept spilling it's water. I put water in a cap by it's head because it can't walk.
Poor thing. I would keep it warm and quiet and wait until tomorrow to make that decision. It's amazing what they can recover from. Sometimes you just need to let the shock wear off.
I've got my fingers crossed for you. I would not worry about food tonight. Once the shock starts to wear off, you can better tell how injured it is. Keep the water available, though, and food, although it probably will not be interested in eating if its hurting too much. In the morning maybe you could offer her a favorite treat. I have a cochin chicken that was mauled pretty bad by a dog. She wouldn't stand or walk for about 3 days. I kept her in the house in a crate and she healed. Now you can't tell she was ever injured.

Good luck. By the way -
Boxers are funny dogs. I have one. Sweet as can be,but anything that moves she sees it as fair game. she has killed a few chickens, but she wants to play with them and gets too rough. These are the excess roosters that fly into the back yard from their chicken yard. I never catch her in time..when I do it's always too late. She has been scolded each time and now when she sees them she slinks away because she knows least while I am watching. Good luck with the chicken. I am hoping for the best...

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