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10 Years
Jun 9, 2009
I had my chix out for the first time last night. When I checked on them first thing in the morning they were good, but then about a half hour later it looks like one of the little ones was injured. I dont know if a cat tried to get it through the wire or what, but she definatly had a puncture wound and was missing some feathers. I think the bleeding has stopped, and she was eating when I left...but I am soooo worried! What can I do! Can I save her? I dont know how to protect them from whatever it was that got her...the coop and run are fully enclosed I think she must have just been too close to the wall and another animal tried to reach in. I am sooo sad, I thought they would be ok. I have the heat lamp out there and lots of comfy hay, but I just dont know. Are they too young to give yogurt or treats too? How can I protect them, I dont know of any other way?!
I am so sad.
you did not mention the breed or their age.
You can never be too vigilant against predators and measures to keep them OUT of the coop.
Id say get one or two then have a heart traps. Then if its a cat or some thing BB gun or Paintball it so its get the 'not a good place' vibe. If its a coon or possum or something SSS.
We had a peep born on Friday, when I came home, mama had been in a fight with another one of our girls, and our peep was badly badly injured on its head, blood, both sides. The peep managed to drink a small amount of water buy us giving it by hand, and it survived the night. This morning it's eyes are still shut, and wounds have begun to scab and heal. Peep is very small, not active like the other peep born later that same day. We have tried warm water on eyes, but no luck so far in getting them open. I even tried the smallest amount of Neosporin just this morning to maybe soften them up. Do you think she is just trying to heal? What are your thought on survival?
I'm not a chicken expert, but I've had some experience with rehabilitating wildlife, especially silly birds that fly into windows and the like, sometimes head injuries in those silly birds can result in blindness (I've seen this happen to a magpie and a crow in the past five years so while not common it isn't super rare), not saying this is the case with your baby, and she may just be trying to heal...

Ive also seen chickens with nasty head injuries, including cracked skulls make a full recovery after a trip to the vet...I'd personally give her a day or two of TLC and if she's showing no signs of improvement after that, make a decision...if you can get her eating though, that would really help...

Edit: sorry, i derped...the above message is to Dianne...

As for the original poster...

I had a similar thing happen with newborn rabbits the year before last, a rat got into the shed where I was keeping their mother and tried to pull some babies through the cage, had to euth one, and one lost an eye but was otherwise okay...

I'd suggest reinforcing your coop with some smaller grid wire...rodent wire would work, because it is a strong, fine mesh that animals would have a hard time getting to, and if you feel comfortable with it, lay down some rat poison (make sure it is covered to prevent anything friendly getting it)

Either way, I'd monitor the situation closely, I've since put a cheap motion activated camera out where my rabbits are so if something happens I can replay the could also get some kind of motion activated noisemakers...

something like that, placed in such a way that the chickens dont set them off, but the nasties do (so facing out from the coop would be your best bet)...I actually use one of those to keep my special needs cat from peeing on the kitchen floor..
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