Injured/sick young hen


Nov 20, 2020
Hi seeking advice. Yesterday ran errands all 3 hens and goose. ate well and active came home from shopping. Click (8 m Easter egger) was in coop ( which was open) in the dirt which they do all the time. I walked around her she didn't move. Weird. She couldn’t stand. I find no obvious signs of trauma or a Commotion. Was perfectly normal when we left. Couldn’t grab my fingers with claws now a little bit. Mb she fell off roost. I put her in a carrier with shaving and water and hung it next to her friends. This morning drinking water and walking. Though not 100%. Diet Purina layers crumbles , veggies etc. dewormed before I got her in august. Not sure vacc history. Gonna try to see bird vet today but it’s Saturday may not happen. Any advice/ thoughts appreciated.
It could be many things like a vitamin deficiency, bumblefoot, a sprain, botulism, trauma to the head, spinal chord or leg(s) affected or it could even be Mareks Disease. Botulism has similar symptoms to Mareks, but with tremors and sometimes seizures. Mareks disease is a herpesvirus that causes painful lesions to grow on the organs, nerves and muscles of the chicken, which causes paralysis and weakness of the legs, neck and wings. Mareks is very infectious and can survive in the soil for years. The virus can travel in dander, feces and feather particles from any infected birds in the wind for up to 3 miles. Transmission occurs if you’ve added any new birds into your flock, unvaccinated birds or even infected wild birds. Just because your birds have had the vaccine for Mareks, it doesn’t mean they’re fully protected. The Mareks vaccine is leaky and only helps slow and mask the symptoms of the disease. With the vaccine, they’re carriers of the disease- so keep vaccinated birds and unvaccinated birds separate. Only way to know for certain of Mareks would be to send a dead bird to your state lab for a necropsy testing. You can also do a live bird testing here:

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