Integrating 8 wk old chicks with 14 wk old chicks


11 Years
Mar 29, 2011
This is chicken math gone wrong. We started with 16 day old chicks the first of March, only wanted 10 but figured some would die, right? Kinda like day-old calves. Apparently we chose well and they all lived, but at least two are roosters. When they were 6 weeks old hub brings home a turkey baby and a little rooster "to keep it company". We can't put it in with the older chicks so we're starting all over again. And the coop's not built so they are in tubs in the garage. The turkey is a dud, and the little roo is bored out of his mind for some social interaction, so we brought home 5 more chicks to keep it company. Copper Marans, and Faverolle - breeds not available the first go round. The turkey startles at EVERYTHING so the whole bunch of them is anxious. Then we've had HORRIBLE weather and chicken run might be completed this weekend if we don't get even more rain. Older birds are out in the coop, and run around in the temporary but not secure run during the day. Younger chicks are in dog run in garage with door open during day for sunshine.

When can I ever put them together and claim my garage again?

And how do I accomplish this withouth blood, carnage, tyranny and destruction??

We're already preparing for a "Nugget Run" for those that end up being aggressive. Would having that in place first help? (Please say no - I don't want that delay.)
May sound mean but throw them all in together, give the young ones cover to hide in and under and see what happens. Maybe one of the older birds will adopt a motherly behavior towards them besides they should be growing real fast
Your tag line is my husband's 'way of being'... I get so tired of the emergency room! I hadn't thought of providing a small place to run to - sounds like a good idea.

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