Integrating POL pullets with adult roos


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Aug 31, 2008
Mariposa, CA
Here's my situation. On one side of the fence I have 11 hens and 5 roos about 9 months old. On the other side I have 22 17 week old pullets. They have been sharing the fenceline for about a month and I have seen no signs of agression from the older birds. Some of the younger ones are starting to get the red combs and wattles that indicate they are going to start laying soon, and I would like to get them to all be one flock. My concern is that the roos seem so much bigger than the pullets I am afraid they will be hurt when the roos try to be roos with them. How do I get them together without any of the pullets getting beat up by the roos?

Once I have them together, I hope to let them free range when I'm around, but as of now they are kept within the pens all the time. The area is big enough that I don't have to let them range, but I would like to.
Hello MM, we are almost neighbors!

I think you will be fine integrating them now--expecially considering the numbers. When integrating a younger group, sheer numbers really helps. You are integrating 22 into a group of 16.

I would also think that the pullets should be big enough at 17-weeks-old to withstand the mating, unless your roos are unusually large or your pullets are a smaller breed. I'd just watch for overmating since you have 5 roos, and adjust accordingly. I bet it goes smoothly! Good luck!

They will love the free-ranging!!!
Thanks for the suggestions and Howdy neighbor Lynn! I am continually surprised at how many of us in the area are on BYC.

I do think that most of the pullets are big enough, I guess the one I worry about most is our little SSH. She is not supposed to be a banty but is still smaller than the rest of the girls. I think before I open up the fence I will make sure there are at least a few places the smaller ones can get into and hide if they need to. Wish me luck!

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