Integrating young roos with older hens, and other questions

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    Mar 18, 2011
    Last year I raised 11 RIRs and BRs--all hens. They've done fine. This year I decided I wanted some BOs, so I got (unfortunately) straight run and ended up with 4 roos and 4 hens. The older hens have not been real accepting of the BOs. Now the roos are maturing, and I wonder what will happen? Will the roos be able to dominate the older hens, or will they always be too far down the pecking order? I had planned to keep one roo and my neighbor with 5 hens wants one, but what to do with the others? Should I keep the "best looking" or one of the smaller roos?

    Second question: How to you re-home roosters so that they will get good homes (around here, that means no chicken fighting)?

    Third question:What results if the BO roos mate with the RIR or BR hens? I know this is stupid, but would resulting chicks be some weird kind of mix?

    Thanks for any responses and help.[​IMG]

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