Intence will to live! (WARNING GRAPHIC)

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    May 11, 2010
    On sunday one of this years rollers named Ellie was hit by a falcon. They vanished from view, the the falcon re apeared on a distant tree not eating a pigeon. I searched under the tree and surrounding area but found no trace of Ellie, not even a feather. That night when she was not in the loft at dusk, i dismissed her as dead. If the falcon haddent killed her, the raccoons or owls would. The next day around noon I found her standing in the loft, her chest looking ruffled but otherwise normal. I picked her up, and got blood on my hand. I gently looked under the flap of feathers and skin..and had to take a deep breath. In the gaping hole i saw things that should never see the light of day. like neck vertibre. I took her to the vet (convineintly my land lord) and he gave her a shot of antibiotics, and super glued some of the feathers together. I have her seperated, in a cage inside. She is eating and drinking alot. Shes very perky, and i wouldent beleive she has a huge hole in her chest if i hadnt seen it. The last two days i let her chill by her self in the aviary so she could hear and see her flock mates. She flew from pearch to pearch normally and with no visible difficulties. Yesterday eavning i even let her out to peck at some seed on the ground with her flcokmates. once she was iin the loft i went inside to catch her, and found her on the floar ggetting a drink. After gulping for a long time she straitened up. the Water just dripped out of her chest and onto the floar.
    im concerned by this... i really hope she pulls through! a punctured crop is pretty bad i know, but is it a death sentance? anyone ever had a bird with simmiler injurys survive? thanks for taking the time to read this!
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    I have had pigeons with ripped crops that survived, but I always had to super glue the 'hole' shut to facilitate healing. Good luck with her - the will to survive on her part seems strong. Hawks have forced me out of flying Birmingham rollers.
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    Dec 6, 2012
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    I personally would have put this bird out of it's misery if it were mine.
    If you have the stomach; Watch.

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    Feb 16, 2011
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    ive had ringnecks and caged birds get torn open and missing parts of crops even and survive, with just me putting some antiboitic ointment on. dont use the "plus pain" kind, as heard of rescue kittens dying right after being used on, and some other instances, though used to use on birds and reptiles ect with no trouble, but why chance it.. one of my ringneck doves got one side of it torn open and crop torn wide open and i used dap of super geurilla glue then antibiotic ointment, then another dap of geurilla glue to close outside some so wouldnt flap. it was a foster mother who had a baby i was wanting to still try to save, so left her with it to keep it warm and see hwo she did, and she recovered well and very quick, with later hardly and scarring maybe due to more ointment put on to keep moist so would would close good. she didnt eat or drink seeds good for about a week, but i switched her to pellets so easier to digest to go through crop and compressed nutrition. her and the foster baby were fine, and culprit rescue lovebirds were put in a stronger locking break proof cage (their beaks are like tin snips). good luck with it!
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