Interbreeding Peafowl?


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6 Years
May 26, 2013
Hey guys,

So I am starting to sell off some of my last years hatch, and I had a guy ask me if it is ok to interbreed peafowl (Some of my last years hatch are related to each other). So I was wondering is it ok to interbreed peafowl to some extent?
It will depend on how inbred your pair these babies came from are really , i purchased from a few people to get different lines but for all i know somewhere down the line they are related somewhere.
My male is related to a couple of my hens and there are 5 he is not related to, so when i sold my babies there was a possibility someone got related and someone did not. This year i have 4 breeding age males but only 2 are getting all the girls so far.
Due to the number I deal with, I often will purchase other breeders young ones when I can sex them, so I can make unrelated pairs for my buyers (this only applies to my IBs)

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