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Dec 22, 2020
Clayton, North Carolina
Hello! I'm Jasmine. I currently have 6 ducks: Nibbles, Molly, Boo, Puddles, Midge, and Cricket! (12/23/2020)
I've had ducklings for about a year now. We first got them in April and honestly, we were so inexperienced and the first set of ducklings (Nibbles and Scoot) suffered for it. We didn't have a safe enough environment and as a result, one of our dogs mauled Scoot in May. After researching how social ducks are, we got Molly, Boo, and Puddles hardly a week after Scoot died. We did much better with them and all of them lived to be very healthy girls.
During August, we purchased two more ducklings named Maya (later renamed Milo due to his gender) and Phoebe. Our little bunch seemed very interested in them when they were small. Nibbles was a little aggressive towards them, so we kept him as separated as we could from them for a while. The girls would come up to the steps to check on the ducklings. When we moved Milo and Phoebe outside, we had to keep them separated from the other four, Nibbles, Molly, Boo, and Puddles, because they were plucking out Phoebe's feathers, injuring her, and chasing the two younger ducks around. By this time they were perfectly grown enough to be out and about in the coop area. Soon enough, we found Phoebe under the coop, where she wedged herself to avoid getting chased and beat up. She suffocated there. We rehomed Milo in fear that he would end up dead as well. We still have no idea what we did wrong when introducing the newer ducks to the older group. We kept them separated in the coop, but together to where they could see each other using a mounted metal grate to separate what we call the "duckling room". The only clue we really had was that it was mating season and that might've been why our ducks were so aggressive.
Recently, we've hatched two ducklings: Midge and Cricket. They are Nibbles and Boo's offspring. We currently have a third still incubating, however we are offering it to another farm who has one lone duckling in need of some company. The egg pipped today! (12/23/2020)
We are really hoping that introducing Midge and Cricket at the right time will result in a happy family of 6 ducks.
Hi Jasmine and welcome to BYC. Chat with other BYC members nearby using the links in my signature, below (turn your phone to landscape to see them).Make yourself at home and enjoy the forums.

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