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Aug 24, 2019
St. Charles County, MO

I'm actually here because I'm interested in ducks and ran across a thread on duck ponds. We do not have ducks yet, but have wanted them for a long time. We have a 24 acre small farm in St. Charles County, Missouri. We are considering selling CSA shares, possibly raising 2 types of fish for restaurants in our large greenhouse, and ducks (primarily for eggs). Right now we have our 7 personal horses and a huge pack of dogs. I've had a waterfall and 900 gallon pond at another house for 20 years. Hoping this experience can be magnified to keep a 1000-3000 gallon duck pond clean using 1-2 skimmer filters, a very large pressurized filter with UV, aeration, and muck reducers/water clarifiers (maybe a robotic cleaner to pick up bottom debris). Seems like the main issue with ducks is labor/water issues. Hoping our previous experience and science backgrounds will enable us to make a system that works and stays clean. We're used to maintaining a pool and pond, so the normal labor doesn't bother us. I like to research and prepare, rather than end up with nightmare. Hubby was an engineer before Dr., so I'm sure he can accomplish what I design.

We're both retired from medicine. I love any sort of gardening, all animals especially giant breed dogs, and travel. Now that kids are raised and almost all out of the house, seems like I have lots of time on my hands LOL Hyperactive Germans don't do well without projects, so I'm ready for some new ones :)


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