Introducing geese to pool


May 28, 2021
Somewhere On Earth
Hi. Today I got my goose, Lucy, a pool, but Lucy has only been in the water once when She was little, but now She is almost nine weeks old. The last time I put her in a small tub, She freaked out. Lucy has never swum in her drinking water since it's like a milk gallon with a hole in the middle so that her whole head can dip in the gallon but not the rest of her body. So my question is when I leave her pool (kiddie pool) outside, will she learn to swim in it by herself, or do I need to teach her? Thank you

Callender Girl

Crossing the Road
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Sep 18, 2018
North Central Iowa
My two American Buff geese are incredibly curious about everything and want to explore anything new. I would GUESS that Lucy will eventually figure out the pool. I don't remember having to teach Gussie and Golly, who were brooded in the house with a teeny, tiny water dish, what to do with their kiddie pool.

You might encourage her by giving her a favorite treat, then tossing a few into the pool to see if she will follow. Good luck! Let us know!

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