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Discussion in 'Peafowl' started by Wisher1000, Dec 12, 2012.

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    I have been considering introducing a mature peahen to my 4 month old to provide her some company of her own kind and to make the transition to another farm a bit easier. My idea is to borrow a hen from the farm where she is going and keeping them together a while so that when they both go to the other farm, the borrowed one will be familiar with the place and can calm the other. How long does it usually take to introduce a new bird? Can I expect the same reaction as from chickens? Should I leave the adoptive mother hen (chicken) in there with them or should I take the hen out?
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    In my experience, peafowl are a lot nicer to new birds added than chickens are. When I had a chicken hatch a pea egg, I left the two together for the summer. When it started getting cold out I put the chicken hen and the baby pea in with the babies parents (they never met before that point). The adults accepted the two without any problems. Chickens are just nasty to new birds.
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    Oh! That's good to know!
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    This is great to hear.
    I would like to put a pair or trio of OEGB in the pen with a pair of peas since the pen will be 10x30. I had thought bantam Cochin but those young boys can be hormonal! I don't want anything to bother the peas.

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