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Apr 24, 2018
I have my 3 year old pekin who has a long history. Within 2 years he’s been attacked by an animal long story short he’s the strongest duck and he bounced back each time. The last time this happened was in the fall, since then he’s all healed but a month later he started limping a tiny bit. He always had kind of a limp walk but i think that’s just bc how huge he is lol. I’ve checked his foot his leg and where the injury was and i couldn’t find anything. but recently it has gotten much worse because his foot, on the side of the injury, is now a bit inverted therefore he is stepping on his own feet causing him to step on his own feet and tripping. He now can’t walk without tripping. Not sure if inverted feet on ducks is a thing but i’d like anyone’s input

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Maybe the injury has caused arthritis and that’s what is causing the foot to turn in, I have a 12 yr old Muscovy duck that has arthritis and her foot turns in some. Just like in us humans injuries that heal can turn up later as arthritis. But sounds like his injury may not have healed right to begin with. There’s aspirin, ibuprofen and a vet visit for Meloxicam.

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Just checking in to see how your bird is doing. Updates to these type of threads are quite useful for people in the future experiencing the same problem.

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