Is a Barred Rock an excellent or good layer?


9 Years
Oct 3, 2010
I have a Barred Rock hen, and she laid one egg yesterday, and hasn't laid any yet today. Are Barred Rocks good layers or excellent layers?
My barred rock hen lays an egg every day, I don't think she's missed a day in a few weeks, not that I know of anyway
I would say excellent
She is about 1 year old.
I have 3 that lay about 5 eggs a week and 5 that lay everyday. It varies by hen, food, age, weather, stress etc. so mine free range have a safe place to roost and are about 20 months old.

ETA: and they eat flock raiser
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i would say excellent, i have 3, i get 18-20 eggs per week from them, obviously i expect that to scale back with winter coming.

The eggs at this point are smaller than my RIR, but more consistant
Mine lays a egg every day. i love her she is just the sweetest thing! did your hen just start laying? when they first begin laying they may lay one egg and not pick up for a while...
Yes, team edward, my hen just started laying. So you're saying that she might not lay another egg for a few more days?
A new layer may skip some days in the beginning, but she'll catch up. All of the BR's that I've ever had have been excellent layers. We've gotten 5-6 eggs a week from each hen. I have four more BR pullets that should start laying in the next couple of weeks, and I can't wait!
OK thanks people!!! She should be giving me lots of eggs pretty sooooon!!!

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