Is cooked rice ok ?

i have heard you can even feed chickens uncooked rice... a lot of people say "NO!" because of the little birds that "blow up" from eating rice then drinking water. but have never heard of it happening in chickens..
Gave my ladies our leftover rice tonight, yea it is great they love it!!!. Uncooked rice in small fowl like pigeon is not a good idea, thier digestive tracts are not the same as chickens, I just would not do it for safety sake.
Yes Pigeons do die from it. Didnt know until we noticed them falling form the sky. Their insides blew up
Birds dying from consuming uncooked rice is nothing more than an urban legend...which has been disputed by many scientific sources including Ned Johnson, the curator of ornithology at the University of California, Berkeley.
I feed our girls our leftover cooked rice and they go crazy for it! Its always the first thing they go for. I figure its coz it must look like maggots or something lol

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