Is he going to make it?


6 Years
Apr 28, 2013
I just started this hatching experience with my first graders. We got a forced air styrofoam incubator with autoturn. I put the eggs in (6 button quail eggs) and set them to hatch. 5 of the six were no good (I bought them from ebay and they shipped them USPS and the box was a little crunched) but one little guy hatched today. (A day later than he was supposed to hatch.)

He pipped and zipped out without any issues but I think he's got yolk left over? And there's a "string" stuck to his belly, too.

This photo is of him about 6 hours post hatch.

You can see the bubble and "string". I put down shelf liner on the mesh and just left him in the incubator overnight. I'll check on him tomorrow, hopefully he's still with us. I'd hate to have to make up a story to the children about how I gave him to a farm last night...

Do you think he'll make it? Is there anything I can do for him if he is still with us tomorrow?


6 Years
Mar 30, 2013
He SHOULD make it. Normally it will absorb on its own if let be. Don't pull or poke, and it should go away on its own. If he makes it, hopefully you could find him some friends? One is the loneliest number.


7 Years
Jan 6, 2013
SF Bay Area, California
Lots of times they make it. As long as his body cavity is sealed and none of his guts are showing, he should be fine. When chicks hatch with the yolk not absorbed make sure you isolate them quickly as that blood can cause infection in the other chicks when they peck at it, and peck at it they will.

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