Is it a Rooster?


Jan 28, 2011
Easternshore of Maryland
I have one that I purchased as a boy but his comb isn't developing that fast. He is feathering out just as fast as my girls. He is really mellow and has the tinyest peep of them all.

This is obviously a chochin, yes? Looks like the large fowl breed is it?
They are notoriously SLOW in terms of time it takes to grow up and develop.
I think it is too early to tell and it could go either way.

The pink wattles could indicate a cockerel but I have a hen who has roo characteristics.
No kidding, she has a large comb, much bigger wattles than the other girls and the longest spurs!
She is clearly not show quality but she is the sweetest and most friendly girl of the bunch.
I love my giant cochins - they are one of my favorite breeds.

Give it some more time and post new pics so we can see how he/she is developing.
Good luck
They say you can't tell from a stance, but that's what's got me leaning towards roo! But your hubby is not of my silkies was all BOY....until he laid an egg. I was actually dissappointed because I had his ladies all picked out for "him!"

I love the foot feathering on your little guy......VERY nice!

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