Is it bad to handle eggs too much?


11 Years
Jul 29, 2008
Eastern, Kentucky
I am on day 7 in my incubation I am learning and turning by hand. I have candled every night for the past 7 days to watch how the eggs change in just a matter of a day. Someone told me it was bad for me to handle the eggs so much? Is this true? and by me turning them by hand have i always messed up this hatch?
Nah, I don't think you have messed up....Just be sensible...surely you're not handling them with toxic waste on your hands....are ya?
Hens don't sit still for 21 days, so the eggs would not either. Just make sure your hands are clean and move them slow and gently. I can't get enough candling either!
Good I use that hand sanitizing stuff before and after everytime I touch them..LOL I think now though I will hold off on candling so much and wait till day 18 to candle again.
I handled my first hatch way too much and had 11 out of 12 hatch perfectly.
Now on my second hatch I'm not touching them at all and had to cull 6 out of 24 at day 7 when I candled, 2 infertiles and 4 blood rings.
But I do have to add that 12 of these are shipped eggs though half my culls came from my own 12 eggs.
So go figure!

I recently went to visit a friend in the hospital, and got a whole box of those blue latex gloves, I plan to use these when handling eggs for candling and when ever.


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