Is it normal for young pullets to be a little thin?

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I have 11 pullets that are about two months old. Half are ISA Brown, one is a Welsummer, and the rest are an unknown assortment of EE/OE/Other colored egg layers. I have been trying to learn to assess their body condition and they all seem a little thin to me. I can feel a very prominent keel bone with a little meat on the side, I'm guessing they are about a 2 in condition. Is that normal for a growing pullet?

For reference I am feeding them the Dumor 20% Chick Starter crumbles which is left out free choice all the time. They also have a small bowl of chick grit available at alln times because on most days they get a small "treat" that consist of one of the following:
* The dead bugs out of one of our DynaTraps.
* One ear of corn broken into a few pieces for them to peck at.
* 6-7 Ice cubes made of Hydro Hen with a few frozen blueberries dropped in.

When the grass was still green/growing I would chop up a handful of grass and some of the seed pods to throw out for them but that is all dead now. And about once a week I put in another wheelbarrow full of dead leaves/etc that has some bugs, little bits of weed, and other things like that in it for them I scratch through. Our weather has been extremely hot lately so that may be affecting their appetite a little. It has been between 97-105 during the day and barely getting down to the high 70s at night.

Here are a few pics of the flock.

Young pullets are generally thinner than adult hens. Just part of the maturing process. take a look at human girls and you'll see the same process as they become women (ignoring weight issues). I don't see any obvious problems with your girls.

Sounds like your feed is fine and you aren't going overboard on treats. I would recommend suspending your feeders. That will greatly decrease waste and your girls kicking dirt into the containers. Looks like your waterer is far enough above the dirt to be okay.
I was hoping it was just due to the fact that they are growing. Thanks for the confirmation.

Surprisingly I haven't been getting much waste in the feeder. No poop and only a few shavings. I am working on transitioning them to the other style feeder that is hard to see behind the waterer. I only have one of them out now but will be adding a second. It mounts on the wall and is designed where they can't scratch feed out and it is much harder to throw shavings into it.

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