is it ok to feed 13 week silkies meat or noodles?


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Mar 16, 2009
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I have 3 13 week old silkies I was told to feed them noodles and peas. They loved the noodles but the chooks stoled meat from the magpies I feed and enjoyed it so I gave them more. The problem is the roos poo had red in it. It isnt blood I dont think as it did not smudge on paper or it didnt turn any water red. Is this the meat coming though?


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Oct 19, 2007
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As long as they have access to grit they're old enough to eat anything that's safe for chickens to eat. The discoloration of the poo could come from anything. If it wasn't blood and the roo doesn't seem "off" then just keep an eye on him and go on -- it was probably just something red that he ate.


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Apr 21, 2008
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And if you want, pick up some active cultured Yogurt to eat. It will help them out in the long run. The yogurt gives the gut good bacteria to work with and it might prevent a few other issues.
Enjoy your babies, feed only cooked proteins and avoid salty meats, such as ham, bologna etc. A slice now and again is one thing, but a lb at a time is not good for their kidneys. Also chips, movie popcorn (DH loves to do), processed foods and such.
If these guys were out on the ground, I'm sure they have come up with a lot worse bacteria and foods by now. (that amazes me- let a bird eat off a compost pile and they're fine, give them grain that had a drop of moisture in it and they can get sick. )
Have a great day!

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