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E.M. Silkies

9 Years
Aug 7, 2010
To ask my neighbors to pay for the chickens that their dog killed? It was a pair of show birds and personally I don't have the amount of money it takes to buy and ship show quality silkies at the drop of a hat. Any thoughts?
I wouldn't think so. Their dog = their fault
It is definately not unreasonable to expect them to replace the birds. They are legally responsible for their dog. In fact, they should have offered to do so when they found out what happened.

Edited to add: I am working under the assumption they were killed on your property.
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We need more specifics...were the birds killed on your property or theirs? Are they legal in your area? If on your property and the dogs came over and killed them, then yes. They should pay for them.
I had a nieghbors Pitbull get into my show pens and kill a good rooster this spring had bitten right through hardware cloth to get in, the neighbor said he wasn't going to pay for my chicken as it was quite high and he thought it was a waste, I live in the country so the next day the pitbull was back pacing back and forth trying to get in, I opened the door for him he went in and never came out alive. I guess my neighbor learned his lesson real fast!!!. Don't jack with my birds, I don't like worthless pit's anyway and was glad to reduce their numbers to save my livestock and family.
I would call animal control and report the attack. I don't know about chickens but if a dog attacks a cat it is usually taken seriously (at least around here) Once you have filed a report contact the neighbor and If you have documentation about what you paid for them gather it up, along with estimates as to how much it will cost to replace and give copies to your neighbor. Tell them that you expect them to replace the birds. If they don't cooperate take them to small claims or Civil court (depending on the value) . You will be able to provide reports of the complaints you have filed and document the value.

I would ask them to pay for my birds. If they refuse then I would call animal control and they will make sure you are paid.The law is in your favor ,bad thing is it will cause hard feelings between you guys but what the heck ,if they don't pay ,why should you be the only one to lose .So either way there will be hard feelings.People need to step up and pay for the damages their dogs cause.
They should pay you without you having to take it farther ,you never know until you talk to them.
Get estimates from reliable breeders as to what it will take to replace your birds, including shipping and all. If you are on good speaking terms with your neighbor, go talk to them and show the estimates and ask for payment. If talking face to face is not reasonable, then send a certified letter asking for payment. Give them 30 days to pay. If no payment, then take them to small claims court.

It probably would be good to also report the attack to your local law enforcement and animal control, so there will be a record of the event.

Good luck, and i am so sorry for your loss.
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