Is it wrong that I'm getting antsy to process?


8 Years
Mar 14, 2011
New England
When I first thought of processing my own chickens - My stomach turned. Now, after doing research, watching videos, reading about the processing that YOU guys do - I'm getting anxious to do it! I'm a long ways away from my meaties coming in the mail - let alone them being of processing age. For some reason - I REALLY want to process and eat a chicken. I've gone so far as to look for adult DP birds for sale locally, just so I can eat one.

Something in my mind tells me that this will be a more delicious bird.

Maybe I should just go buy some locally grown, farm-raised chicken until then? Or should I continue my search for an adult dp hen to try? Has anyone else felt this too?
Well, they used to sell live birds at the Eastern Market in Detroit -- perhaps your local market will have someone selling them, either on site or by special order. Depending upon market and health rules, you might have to go pick up yourself at the farm.

If you buy a live one and process yourself, you will know what you're in for.
It is a more enjoyable piece of flesh in many ways. You will be the judge as to how you feel about it after harvest day, but I truly feel it could be a changing point in your eating habits... In my house it is only my son and I that will eat our processed birds... My friend helped me do 16 birds recently, and he CANNOT eat poultry anymore............. even at a restaurant... go figure! Good luck.
I must applaud your attitude and the reality of what you are about to undertake. I like the idea of you getting a bird from an auction or a farmer down a country road somewhere bring it home and try your hand. You have the right mindset, it sure beats the idea most folks have that raising meaties is a good idea, then hate raising them, hate processing if they even have the gut's to do it, then never do it again. all because they didn't do there home work and talk and visit with real chicken folks about the whole deal. Those of us die hard meaty folks just love raising our own birds for our families use and the feeling and sense of fullfilment it gives us.

I wish you all the best and you can PM me anytime for any tip's & hints to make the process from start to finish a better experience.

I don't think it's odd to be antsy about it. I woke up last night a couple of times thinking I had more to process and when I would do it, then realized I had finished them all yesterday and had to wait until the fall for more.

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