Is my 4 week old chick ill or being pecked at?

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    Aug 7, 2012
    One of my hen raised chicks (4 weeks old) is missing quite a few feathers on the neck and wings (see images). First I thought it was because it's getting its adult feather coat or it was because it's being pecked at by the others, but since today he/she is also a bit lethargic.. stays in coop and seperates itself from others.

    I seperated the chick from the rest but I am not sure what to do now... does anyone know what could be wrong and/or what I should do? Below is some more information about the situation:
    - breed: light sussex
    - age: 4 weeks (born 8/18)
    - does drink water but haven't seen him/her eating today (they get chick crumbs)
    - vent is clean (no signs of runny poo)
    - crop seems empty
    - other 3 chicks and mum are fine
    - bedding is straw and saw dust

    Thanks for your help!



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