is my chick aueracauna, Americana or easter??

I'm with Ol Grey Mare and the Easter Egger. Feed stores will sell many different pure bred birds depending on your location, but not pure bred rare many hatcheries sell Americana (which the proper spelling is Ameraucana) but they're actually EE as well....
Araucana is ruled out by the tail feathers - Americana is a purposeful misspelling of the actual name Ameraucana, which is a little slight of hand way of saying, "We're selling Easter Eggers" -- there is only one major hatchery that I am aware of that sells actual Araucanas and the price point and availability of them makes them unattractive to retail outlets. If you want actual Araucanas or Ameraucanas you need to locate a private breeder. FWIW - there is nothing wrong whatsoever with Easter Eggers, unless you want to show your birds. For the purpose of having fun colored eggs, EE are the bird for the job as you have the colored eggs without the cost and difficulty of locating stock that comes with having the pure bred stock from breeders. I, for example, like the egg color options so I have EE and am going to be adding a couple of Olive Eggers (another hybrid/mixed breed) to the flock as soon as possible. Since we don't care to show, hatchery grade birds are a-okay with us.
Americanas are American Ameraucanas
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Thanks for the info. I am totally okay with her being EE, I just wanted to be sure. She is the sweetest of the bunch and I got her as day old so shes my special baby!

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