Is my RIR sick?


5 Years
Apr 23, 2014

Shes had this red bottom for about a year. not sure if that's normal, shes the only one of the flock like this; the rest have fully feathered bottoms. she doesn't act any differently then the other hens. no issues eating or drinking and is still laying as far as i can tell. Anyone know why she's like this?
Not normal .....

Have you ever washed this area of your chicken ???

I have seen this and I put some Echinacea in the water
just open the pill and add contents to the water it is all
natural and you can find it in any health medicine
department like Wal-mart or K-Mart stores .....

A hard boiled chicken egg also would not hurt her ether
but one to two a week for a month ......
No we have never washed it. We will now! And pick up the echinacea. Thank you!
I'm new to raising chickens but not animals in general. I would say she may have an allergy to her feed. In any case I would get a product called "Vetericyn Wound and Skin Care" we call this stuff holy water. It is an amazing product to have on hand for all animal care problems. You should start seeing some improvement in a couple of days. Hint - holy water! If not I would think she has an allergy of some kind. There is no need for anything else while using the Vetericyn. It will kill any bacteria or fungus. You could also put all the chickens on oil of oregano in their water. Oil of oregano has antibacterial, anti fungal, anti parasitic properties and will kill viruses. I put this in my chickens water and they are very healthy. Eggs taste the same. Google it and you will find an organic chicken farmer in PA that uses the same product for his meat raising chickens. Awesome stuff. Hope this helps. Thanks
Thank you! We actually have Holy water on hand. We used it when one of our hens were attacked by a dog.
This chicken has something going on internally that has caused that pouch on her back end. What it is I have no idea given the length of time she's been this way, but applying something externally is not going to fix this problem.

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