***Is my vet a duck???***


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Seriously? I think he may be a QUACK!


My hen: approx 4 yrs old. Larger serama. Was not getting oyster shell. On layer crumble. Went through long period on not laying. Began laying again for several weeks. All eggs have been normal.

She is a spoiled girl. Very tame. Sweet. Lives in my house in a well ventilated 55 gallon tank- no lid on it. She never escapes it so I dont have to have a lid.

I Saw her sitting like a broody hen yesterday. Decided to put eggs under her later that day. When I went to do so I found she wasnt broody- but weak.

She sat with her legs under her, or out in front of her. Feet open, or curled. Wings open and out to the sides- similar to a momma hen sitting on a nest on a hot day. If I moved her wings theys slowly fell back to this position.

I ***THOUGHT*** she was egg bound. 3 super warm baths. She wasnt laying an egg. I massaged. No egg. Her breathing became laboured. She still could not walk.

Eating crumbles, nutri drench water, gravel, & introduced oyster shell. She tore into it!

This is my pet hen. She lives in my house, in a cage so I doubt injury.

Took her to vet. He picked her up, manhandled her.... she squawked. He sat her down & said "I dont feel an egg. I dont think she is sick. I dont think you have a problem."

I said "but I thought I felt one. She is sick, she cant stand."


He takes her temp.

He states she must have an infection because she had a fever of 106 in her vent and states this is too high....

He gives her albon sulfur antibiotics.

He leaves the room.

Receptionist comes in. She asks me if it was an egg. I told her the vet said it wasn't an egg...


My hen stands up and lays an egg.....

The vet walks in. The receptionisy shows him the egg.... His jaw drops....

And he asks

"Is it fertilized?"

I dont know whether to laugh or cry.

He says he thinks putting the thermometer in her caused the egg to get moving.

He said either she was too exhsusted to lay due to fever/infection.... or.... being egg bound caused her to have an infection.

Her egg looks normal- not to big.

So now I wonder...

It is 6 hours later...

She has had 2 rounds of albon now.

She still acts the same. Head alert, eating. Can barely stand up. Wont walk.



This was a farm vet. He talked like he knew chicken anatomy... but... he said no animal birds included should get to 106f....

Meanwhile I paid $50 bucks to save my best friend and she is not any better.

Im soopo scared! I cant afford another vet! She is my baby!

I worry that something bigger is wrong!!!

Can anyone help???



That is a channel I made just for her
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I'm by no means an expert, but I thought that was around a normal temperature for a chicken too. I always thought that chickens don't get fevers like we do, although I'm not 100% sure on that. All I know is that my vet is very experienced with chickens, and whenever I've brought them in she has never taken their temperature, even when she suspected an infection. I'm not sure what is going on with your girl though. I hope someone can give some advice & I hope she feels better soon!
I just put her a few feet away from where she wants to sleep.

Watching her try to move was very sad.

She flails her wings & flops.

She gets no where...


One more important thing-

For past several months I noticed a small pop of her bones when I pick her up. She got around just fine, so I didnt think anything about it.

I asked the vet if a bone could be broken or out of place. He felt around roughly (that was when she squawked as he held her & flipped her around). He said it was normal for sone bones to move underneath a hen a bit as it helps with egg laying...

Has anyone heard of that before?

Or was he just making stuff up?

10 hours later- no improvement.....

But! She did stand to lay that egg at 3pm....

Has not stood since...

Has proven she can't walk...
Find a vet who will do radiographs and blood work on her. I suspect she probably has a neoplasia which has affected her bones and other organs. Of course I could be way off base, but a 4 year old hen who is not doing well does not bode well for her survival.

I remember when I was a kid my pet chicken became ill. The first vet I took her to said to wring her neck. The second vet I took her to was honest enough to state that she was the first chicken he had seen since vet school but would consult with other vets. This was way back in the 1980's and believe you me there was very little that could be done but the vet prescribed oral antibiotics, liquid vitamins, and my pet lived to be ten years old.

This was my very first lesson in compassion. Some vets just don't have it, or maybe lost it from stress of overwork and lack of pay. Either way I'm sorry you found yourself in this situation. Try to find an avian vet who can offer you more.
She is older so she will slow or stop laying, if you do not feel one stuck don't worry about it. Neoplasia is a form of tumor so you won't know until after she passes. Here is a link:
The only other thing that I can think of at her age is a vitamin deficiency. Mostly thinking B. It fits all the symptoms and the older you get the harder it is to absorb. Most people help this by crushing 1/4 of a pill (1000mg pill) and adding it to yogurt to let them eat. Human pills are ok. Keep in mind that not all brands of feed are the same and not all birds absorb it the same either. I would try it as a treatment for a few days and see if it helps. It couldn't hurt at that dose.
This was posted by Lobzi in post 44:
My Baby got so bad before I was told to try vitamin B therapy that he could not use his legs nor wings to even right himself. He ate well, pooed normally and was alert in all other ways except for his inability to get around on his won. It was two weeks of paralysis before I started giving him crushed high potency multi B vitamin in his food and water. It took 5 days for his recovery but I know of those who start sooner with the therapy, their birds have improved overnight and within a day. Get right on it and dont automatically suspect Merecks disease.

Found it here:
Normal temperature for a chicken is around 107,so her temp is fine. When you originally found her with wings spread/laboured breathing this was probably a result of egg issues,she was straining to pass egg. Does she have enough calcium in her diet,if not enough calcium then the calcium that is used to form eggs comes from their own bones,this may be the issues with soft bones,increase her calcium. Hens of her age do stop laying,this is normal. I would give her vitamins as someone already suggested. Keep her quiet/calm,make sure she is eating/drinking.
I think you should post in full detail on "emergencies, diseases, injuries, cures thread." be sure to mention your experience with the "duck" vet. and her age etc. I sincerely hope they can offer an explanation for her symptoms and some treatment to go with it.
Oh... Did I mess something up?

My phone shows that I did post this in the emergency/disease/what have you thread.... hmmmm... I will check tomorrow

Will start givibg vitamin B tomorrow too if it is not already in the poultry nutri drench...

& she wasn't laboring to push the egg out. She never tried at all until the doctor flip turned her upside down.

She just sat very calm... and slowly over time her breathing got harder.

Will check on her in the morning and see how she is. Will keep you updated. Thanks all.

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