Is she a Runner? Think she may be a mix..PHOTOS ADDED>>>


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This is a picture of my girls. They are 7 weeks in this picture and are supposed to be 2 black runners two fawn and white crested runners and a khaki campbell. I requested crests on the blacks if any hatched and was thrilled that George does have a magnificent crest (George is a girl who we named Rose but she looks just like a boy named George at my sons school so it has become her new name!) So they all are as ordered except for Poppy. She is the beautiful buff colored girly in front. She is by no means a fawn and whited crested and seems a little thick and not quite as upright as say George who is textbook for a runner. Her eyes are khaki colored and not blue and her face is rather round and not as thin and straight at my other girls. I'm thinking she may be a cross but thought I would get your opinions!

Sorry for the sideways photo! But its a good shot of her...I adore her!
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It looks a lot like a Buff with a crest. I see the one in the back there looks like my MoMo. I haven't figured out what the heck he is yet.
The creamy colored one in the front is a hatchery Buff. Let me see if I can find a recent one of him since he was more feathers now.

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