Is she sick or not??? Help!

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    Apr 2, 2014
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    Got home from work around 430 and went to check on the hens and grab up the eggs of the day. I noticed one of my hens was in one of the beds and thought "she's just doing what she does" and went about my business. Well, a few hours later when I went to close up for the night, I noticed she was still in the bed. I went to pet her and she pecked at my hand and made a grumble sound. She is usually very friendly and curious. This is not her normal laying time. I looked around the coop but did not see any signs of diarrhea and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. She didn't want me to get close. I attempted to pick her up and she did the same thing over and over. Is she possibly egg bound and just doesn't want me near her? Her eyes are clear and she does not seem to be out of breath or gasping for air. The others are all up on the perch ready for bed. Not sure if I should isolate her or not??
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    I am by no means an expert I have only have chickens about 5 months, but one of our girls just went broody and had an entire personality change. Tonight we found eggs in her basket she was in and took them inside and she got really upset and started running around bawking and being pretty mean. We put her eggs back and she was happy.My guess would be she is probably okay and just broody.
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    I agree... I have raised chickens since 2001 and that sounds like a broody hen to me! They go through this motherly phase where they are VERY protective of their nest/eggs and chicks, if they manage to hatch any. Also some hens will still go broody, whether the eggs are fertile or not.

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