Is she trying to talk to me?!

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    So I'm a brand-new chicken girl. I noticed this thing my almost 3-week old babies do sometimes. They are perfectly healthy, happy and beautiful. I'm thinking it's just a chicken thing, but I can't find it anywhere.

    Sometimes one or two will look at me and open their mouth, like they are trying to say something, or yawn. They are not in any distress. I noticed this like maybe a week ago. Do healthy chickens yawn? What is this? It's only for a second, then they resume their normal chicken business.

    I'm not a troll, and I really don't think they are trying to tell me something. Or maybe they are. ;)
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    What are you feeding them?
    They may have something stuck in their throat.

    I would think they are too young but Gape worms cause them to do this motion too.
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    They imprint on you as 'mama' if they are not hatched under a hen. So, 'mama' brings the food, teaches them to eat and drink. It is normal behavior.
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    Medicated starter crumbles, sometines a little yogurt or finely chopped up eggs. They seem perfectly fine. It is only a very occasional thing, and I've seen it when they are not eating, just walking around.
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    They do yawn, but I think it's more likely that they're trying to adjust their crop...normal behavior
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    The moment that worries you when they hatch are when like newborn babies they collapse in a heap and take a brief power nap, and you are sure they are dead, until another chick steps on its head clumsily and then it wakes up.
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    LOL! My first week as a brand-new chick mom, I found one of my babies curled up, half on her back, eyes closed, in the food bowl. I freaked out, thinking she was dead...sure enough, after a few seconds, she got up and started doing a dust bath thing, rolling around and flapping her baby wings. It was really funny!
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    I guess not many folks are aware what it means when a chick extends their neck and gapes their beak in succession. It is common among all chickens. They sometimes do it after eating. They are adjusting the contents of their crop in order to feel more comfortable.

    If the chick continues to do it beyond a simple few times, it means it is having a little discomfort. It's not necessarily something to be concerned about, but you can help by very, very gently massaging its crop in a circular and downward motion until it appears it's achieved relief.

    If this continues for an extended period, say a few hours, you may need to intervene with a bit of mineral or olive oil to soften the contents of the crop. This is very rarely needed, though. As long as chicks have access to plenty of clean fresh water, they will be fine.
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    Thanks azygous, this was very helpful!! As well as the other info you helped me out with when my chickies were sick.

    Good stuff to know--it wasn't in any of my chicken books, and I couldn't find anything really on BYC.

    Have a good one!

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