Is the price worth it?


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Apr 15, 2015
Is the price worth it?

My local feed store are selling peking ducks for $3.00 a piece. I was wondering is that a good price for the ducks? :woot
dang they are usually 6 a piece here when they are in, I would grab as many as you can handle at that price, they are straight runs though so you may end up processing drakes
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Time of year might be the reason they are 3 a piece many don’t want to have to brood or raise ducks in fall and winter. Be ready if you do buy any that you’ll have to be sure to give them quality feed and supplement with a good quality b complex or plain niacin to keep them from having leg issues. Many keep them as pets and love this breed so don’t let the fact that others say they are meat birds many do keep them as pets. And you can help to thwart leg issues by using what is rec. if you get any please be sure to post pics we love baby pictures.

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