Is there a way to keep chickens away

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by abhaya, Dec 19, 2010.

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    Nov 5, 2010
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    I was just wondering if anyone has a way to keep free range chickens away from an area other than a fence. My chickens free range sometimes they get really close to the house. My SO sufferes from migrain headaches and crowing under her window is bad. and ideas how to keep them away from that side of the house? I think they like to forage there because of leaves should I rake and dumo the leaves in a different part of the yard? leke out bu the coop? I could build a run for him and put him in when he crows but that kinda defetes the porpose of haveing him to watch the girls. I also have deer net I could put so they cant get under the porch by the bedroom window.
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    May 21, 2010
    I used Bird netting (picked up at lowes) to keep mine out or a spot. It is hard to see so it doesnt look too bad they dont like the way it feels. Good luck. Migrains are the worst.
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    I would say give them treats on the other side of the house.They will get used to waiting for treats in the area they usually show up at.
    like hey yesterday when we were hanging out here momma came out and gave us yummies!
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    Depends on why they hang out under her window. is that the sunny wind free side of the house? is that the area where the best shrubs for hiding under are located? Find out why they like it there, and try to alter it.

    I have had no success, I have a deck in front of my main door. it faces south, and is the best shelter from the cold north winds, AND it has yummy shrubs next to it. I have poop on my door step every day. I even tried those scat mats for cats? My birds just stood on it, getting audibly zapped, and looked at thier feet, like 'Hey! that tickles!"

    I have learned to deal with it. But if they crowed under my window while I was having a migraine, (and my meds hadnt kicked in) I might be looking at fences the next day!

    Good Luck!
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    Quote:Maybe there's something comfortable about that side of the house, like shelter from the north wind, or a cozy sunny exposure, or maybe a place free of snow under an overhanging windowsill. If so you can lure them away by creating another comfy place far from the window.

    You could try putting up something to block the wind, over where you want them to spend their time. Even a strip of plywood or sheet of corrugated roofing can be a good windblock, secured against a fencepost or tree trunk. Chickens aren't very tall so the windblock needn't be more than a couple feet high. Woven plastic shadecloth also seems to work to cut down on wind. Since it does let some air through, it doesn't have the same tendency as plastic canvas to fill with air and flap around violently. Logs or branches lying on the ground can be a combination windblock and comfy perching spot.

    Chickens don't seem to like standing in loose snow, so maybe you could keep an area free of snow for them. I had a few chickens who persisted in lurking under the porch, but they came right out when I swept a "snow free zone" for them to walk around in.

    Good luck,

    Best - exop

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