Is there something wrong with this chick? vid clip"UPDATE WITH VID #38

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    Mar 5, 2009
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    This one hatched about 7 am this morning. When it pushed itself out of the shell it bled quite a bit from its cord, belly button, what ever its called in chicks. It kept rubbing ti with it's feet and making it worse. So I held a piece of paper towel to it with a little pressure but not much. It looked to have a tad bit of yolk still there. It is now almost 8 pm and it still isn't walking It keeps one foot closed and really don't use either. Its mother is a Production red and the father could be either a EE roo or an American Onagadori roo. It doesn't look like any of the 3. This was her very first egg also. It's neck seems to feel fatter or larger than any I have and it also appears to be. I first thought faulted skull but after feeling around its actually its neck and it does seem to be a bit larger on one side. Its left side. I'm leaving a link to the little video clip I made of it. All it wants to do is sleep. The other 2 that hatched are alert and working on walkine. one is sitting right here with me.
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    Looks to me like a neurological disorder. So sad. I think it might be too late for this little one, but maybe you should post this in the emergencies section or have it moved. Perhaps there is something you can do for her. I wouldn't know.
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    My guess is neurological due to developmental issues. You said this was a hen's first egg? That might have something to do with it as the first few are when the girl's body is getting used to the whole egg making process and sometimes things can go wrong.

    But aside, I would give this chick an extra 2 days in it's own brooder before deciding to cull. It could be just weak (smaller egg less nutrients), or it could be developmental. Developmental there is not much you can do, weak, it will gain strength.
  4. WilczenskiFarm

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    Oh man... I just want to pick it up and cuddle it. It almost looks like it startles itself. Does it eat/drink at all on its own?[​IMG]
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    Make sure it is getting plenty of water even if you have to drip it on his beak with your finger. Try to get him to eat, sometimes a wet mash from the crumbles, hold him in one hand and offer the mash with the other. He may be really anemic from blood loss. I would at least give him a day or two to see what happens. It may do better on paper towels and you might look up making him a boot for the curled foot if he looks like he is going to make it.
  6. Darlasmum

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    Jenscott above may be on to something with the anemia. The curled foot makes me wonder if there was enough blood loss to cause a stroke. Keep your baby warm and fed, and give her some time. good luck, and keep us updated.
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    if you have, or can get Poly-vi-sol liquid baby might help..
    Enfamil brand iron..give 2 drops once a day on beak and some vitamin E from capsule..

    sometimes, when chicks are born like this, they don't do well..
    but you never know.

    keep chick hydrated by drops on beak..not down the throat.
    keep warm..
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    Quote:This is the Emergencies section.
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    May 18, 2007
    Quote:How's the chick doing? If it is still hanging in there, you can try putting it in a small box by itself with some toweling around it to help keep it still and conserve it's energy. A little sugar water for energy and vitamins wouldn't hurt. Sometimes the sugar water will give them enough strength to start eating on its own. Once it starts eating I would worry about the foot, it might be just trying too hard to get to its feet right now, and it could straighten out on its own.
  10. 77horses

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    Aug 19, 2008
    awww it's sooo cute! Poor baby! [​IMG]

    I don't have much info about this but i hope your little baby turns out OK.
    How is he/she now? [​IMG]

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