Is this bumblefoot


May 14, 2020
A few weeks ago I pulled a thorn out of the webbed part of my ducks foot and I know it was there less than an hour. Last week she started limping and I noticed the tip of medial toe on left foot was sore and inflamed. There was something by her center pad sort of like a scab but not a typical bumblefoot scab- I pulled it off. Have been soaking in Epsom salt, wipe with betadine, spray theracyn, then tripple antibiotic and bandage 1-2x per day and have them separate in clean/dry indoor pen for about 5 days. Now the entire toe is inflamed, hot and sore. There is a tiny scab where I pulled the old one off but still does not look like bumblefoot I've seen before. Bumblefoot is such a strange infection! Any helpful info is appreciated. Thank you kindly! 20201019_114428.jpg 20201019_114505.jpg 20201019_114456.jpg
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