Is this Cocci?!On Sulmet but still not improving very fast

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  1. CA Bean

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    Ok, sorry for hitting hard on similar posts but I have read many threads and I am leaning towards Cocci. All of this could be related. But can you answer some questions please:
    What is duration of sickness? 1 of my chicks seems ill,see thread
    really thriving and this has been going on for 2 weeks( since I got her really) She is only 2 weeks or so old. Does Cocci poo always have blood in it? After seperating her this morning I saw her fresh poo and it had water and around it solid normal poop.

    Last night I found blood on top of the watering jar in the brooder. I couldn't figure out what it was...but now I am leaning towards waterey translucent bloody poo since no one has any injuries. It didn't seem like poop was mixed in the blood but?? I only have 1 chick that doesn't seem well-she is always laying down but I knows she could have flew to top and pooped.

    So I am going to buy some Sulmet-would that be a wise option?
    My feed store carries a 16oz bottle of it. Here is my other thread on the not thriving chickie..does it all add up? So sorry for long post!

    Also if I am giving Sulmet to everyone is it ok to feed medicated starter still?
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  2. sussexgal

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    yes to the sulmet and yes to the medicated feed.... isolate your sick one from the flock, but also medicate them all.
  3. I would use Sulmet for all the chicks. Are you feeding medicated starter? It doesn't always prevent cocci, but it boosts the chicks immune system against it. Continue to feed the feed with amprol if you already are. If not, I would switch to medicated feed immediately and put the sulmet in their water.
  4. CA Bean

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    Ok so I got the Sulmet. Yes we are feeding medicated starter too. I have seperated the one that is having a little blood in poo and have started her on the Sulmet. I was reading in the chicken health handbook and it said I should do Sulmet and 1/3 less than the dosage recommended if I want to work on chicks immune system? So I am doing that tonight for the other ones. I did full dose for the one that is quaranteened but it says in that book full dosage recommended on Sulmet is also very close to toxic level so..I am confused non the less. SO I did 1/4 teaspoon in the mayonaise sized glass water jar for my non symptom chicks and as of now almost 1tsp for 1qt for my sick one.( which should come out to full recommended dose)

    ANy reassurrance would be great..I am kinda down about this..and thinking is this gonna affect them as good egg layers in the future?
  5. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    I just lost a couple of chicks to something similar, and I narrowed it down to Cocci. I noticed a few of my 7 week old chicks just standing... feathers ruffled up, fluffed, huddling, not wanting to drink/eat, pale faces, prominent breast bone and slightly bloody poos...
    I immediately dosed all of them (there were about a dozen in there) with 2 tablespoons of Sulmet in 1 gallon of water, and purposefully dipped their beaks in it to make sure they got some. All but 4 bounced back right away. I separated those 4 in a wire brooder. Apparently a good med to have on hand is Amprolium - well, I have to order my meds in, because all I can get is the sulmet and Terramycin, so I quickly ordered some. It still hasn't gotten here. [​IMG] I lost one of my crosses that night, and then a couple of days later my oldest blue orpington passed. She was so sick. She would drink if I dipped her beak, but wouldn't eat. I tried wetting some crumbles, balling it up and putting a BB sized piece in her mouth and rubbing her neck to swallow. But she was too far gone. If you catch the symptoms soon enough, the Sulmet will usually do it. But if not, the Amprolium (Amprol/Corid) should do the job.
    I also changed the litter, and made sure to fluff it several times a day for the first few days. I also put their heat lamp back in their pen until they were well.
    I suppose it would depend upon the severity of their illness as to whether or not they're good layers after that. I would not dismiss them because of it, but just keep an eye on them. I believe I read that they are either immune or resistant to the Cocci after that, but I'm not sure.
    Good luck... [​IMG]

    Edited to add that I was told to cut the protein way back... nothing but crumbles - no egg, no yogurt - nothing. And no baby vitamins as it will hinder the meds. Just some electrolytes, and make sure they keep drinking. That is assuming that it IS Cocci...
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  6. CA Bean

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    Thanks for your replies! I am ever so grateful! I am gonna go do the water again and make it the full dose for 2 days and 1/2 dose for 4..I hope this is right..This is what I have read on other threads. I hope this is gonna work and I will have happy chicks! It was kinda a bummer starting off getting chicks then dealing with this. Will update later..gonna check on my segregated one.
  7. silkiechicken

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    Good luck. The most common symptom is the bloody poo associated with cocci of the Eimeria tenella type. There are other strains that affect poultry so there is that 10% chance they have a strain that does not show poo in blood as the first symptom. They'll be puffed, thin, and listless without the blood, so sounds like you are doing things right.
  8. CA Bean

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    Well little one is still hanging in there. She seems no worse nor better than yesterday... still in different box and sometimes I hear her missing her friends.
    If she seems to be getting better can I put her in the same brooder again, since they will all be on Sulmet in water and medicated feed?
  9. sussexgal

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    CA Bean....

    If she were mine I would wait to reintegrate her until she feels waaay better. Sometimes the ones who don't feel so well get shoved away from the food and water by the ones who are rambuntious. Do you handle her so she gets some living contact?
  10. Mrs MIA

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    Mar 3, 2008
    Ditto... wait until she's strong again. The Cocci oocyte is spread through the feces, so if you can get them on wire for the next 4-5 days I think you stand a good chance of kicking this in the buttocks right now. Keep them warm, keep them quiet, let them heal... [​IMG]

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