Is this normal for a Hova-Bator or is mine broken?

guinea fowl galore

10 Years
May 12, 2009
I have had my Hova-bator running for about a week now and not once has it gotten to 37.5. The first three days I could not get it below 39 degrees. I had the wafer thing twisted down as far as it could. And now it wont go above 35. I keep turning/twisting it up until the light turns on, leave it a few hours, then come back and its STILL below 35. \
Whats going on? is it broken or and I doing something wrong?
But it is brand new. This is the first time its been used.
Is it possible for a wafer thermostat to die? I didn't think it was. I'm an electronic thermostat kinda person. Can you tell
i dont know if they 100% die but sometimes they just have a mechanical failure...... and dont work, did u get it from a local store or did you order it online somewhere?
Both. It's an online store thats local.
we picked it up though from the warehouse. which the people were not happy about. I rang the place and they don't open again until the 18th. So I'll have to wait.
Is the genesis incubator thermostat wafer or electronic?

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