Is this normal for a new chick???


14 Years
Feb 23, 2009
I just put my new chick into a brooder (hamster cage with hay as bedding), and he won't stop chirping! Is that normal? Should the hay not be there? The temperature is around 85-90, and it's been 11 hours since he hatched. Should I have waited longer?

I also find him wanting to just stand/sit in his food dish...?

....But he really won't stop chirping.


did he see you as soon as he hatcheed???

to home your MOMMA, be a momma to that little guy, hold him, keep him warm, when I have my FIRST successsful hatch, i want be able to put my babies down!
Weeellll, I would love to hold him... but the temp in my house is only around 70. That would probobly be a problem, right?

And as for being lonely.... he won't be for long! (hopefully)
I have six others in the bator expected to hatch between tomorrow and wednesday.

So you guys think everything is okay/normal?
Go out tomorrow and get an old fashioned feather duster, the kind with real feathers and hang in by the handle so the feathers just barely brush the bedding or floor... he'll hide under there and snuggle. I suppose for tonight you could try to rig up some sort of cloth that hangs down that way too... he'll hide under it and snuggle, quiet down a bit, but yeah they cheep and peep a lot, he/she's probably loneseome, but when they have friends they still cheep and peep socially... so yep, they're noisy.

Most people recommend 95 degrees for the first week then 5 deg less every week, but if 90-ish is the best you can do, don't sweat it too much, honestly chicks manage esp if he's got something hanging down to get under. Try to make sure there's no actual drafts blowing on him/them, maybe put some cardboard around the cage to keep drafts down.
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