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    May 8, 2019
    View attachment 1824242 Hi, I have 2 Duclairs and 2 Crested Pekins, all 7 week old girls. They basically live in their pool. I let them free range all day and all they do is eat their crumble and float. Is that normal? They have a sweet set up, spoiled rotten but they choose to just float, nap while floating and get out to eat and straight back to the pool. They don’t forage? I feed them snap peas and meal worms for treats but they aren’t looking for bugs? Are they just lazy or is this common for these breeds? We have a pug who walks around and eats their poop, but he doesn’t bother them at all. I thought they would walk the yard and eat grass and be social?
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    Feb 20, 2019
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    I cannot speak to the other breed, but the pekin I have is quite lazy. Our other ducks will walk and forage a decent amount, even venturing off into the woods a bit, but the pekin just hangs out next to the pen and water all day, occasionally seeking out shade of a nearby shrub. His foraging is minimal. He is also heavier, so not quite as mobile, which may be why he prefers to laze about.
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    Yes it pretty normal if they don't have forage time too..

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