Is this really a white leghorn?


9 Years
Aug 30, 2013
I was told it's a leghorn when I bought it and she looks like a leghorn, with the long standing tail and long slim body figure. It is approx 17 or 18 weeks old. But it seems to be seriously under developed. I mean leghorns are supposed to even start laying at this age, but mine still has a tiny comb and almost no wattles. Could it be other than a white leghorn?

thanks in advance.

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Yes she is fairly flighty, nervous, scares easily and not the easiest bird to tame.
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Its looks like a White Leghorn pullet to me. The body shape fits a White Leghorn, and the earlobes appear to be white. I do think that she is younger than 17 weeks though.
I can understand if she was 14 weeks, but I am beginning to wonder now that she is 17 or 18 weeks.  I would have thought for a leghorn she would be more developed?  

By the the way that is not an ancona (I know it does look similar), it's my exchequer leghorn rooster

Ahh cool. I thought it was an Ancona but Exchequer did cross my mind. The Leghorn does look exactly like mine.
When I bought her, I was told she is about 15 or 16 weeks old. That was 5 weeks ago. Back then I estimated her to be more likely 14 weeks old. She should be atleast 20 weeks by now, but i'm knocking a couple of weeks off, estimating her at 17-18 weeks. She has not grown much in the past 5 weeks. She is slightly bigger now than when I first bought her. But my other chicks (exchequer roo, RIR roo and pullet, welsummer pullet) that were smaller than her and atleast 3 or 4 weeks younger than her have grown bigger than her (I know they are bigger breeds/males).

I really do not think she is 14 weeks old. She has to be atleast 17 weeks. I'm just wondering if leghorn wattles and combs sometimes develop very slow even by this age?
she looks leghorn and I think the likely answer is the age was a bit off in the first place. Just don't obsess about her age anymore and she will start laying in several weeks. She is not close to laying point- comb/face not even red yet.

as for comb size, it varies between lines. some lines girls get huge combs, some lines they stay small even in full lay.

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