Is this severe vent gleet?


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Jul 17, 2018
This started a few weeks ago with my hen. I noticed she was smelly so I took a look at her vent and noticed some cheese/egg looking substance crusted on/around her vent. I cleaned it off and after learning about vent gleet I applied anti-fungal cream. She was fine for a while but now it has come back with a vengeance. She still has an appetite but she's been mostly standing around all day. Her poop still looks normal --sometimes runny, sometimes not.

The following photos show her after I gave her a bath and tried to clean her up some. I did try to peel away the yellowish and brown material but got concerned that I was peeling her skin off because it looks raw and bloody underneath. So these are my questions: is this just vent gleet or is there more going on here? I've considered prolapse but I'm doubtful. Her vent is very swollen and smelly though.
Where should I go from here? Should I try to peel off the the cheese-looking stuff even if it bleeds? I'm honestly at a loss and her vent is progressively getting worse.


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