Is this the end of the line for Patsy?


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Oct 18, 2014
Hello folks,

Patsy is my 1 year old Rhode Island Red and has had serious problems from the get go.
When we first got her, she got worms pretty quickly. None of the others did, just her, even though they had been wormed before we got them (i was told) but hey ho. So we treated them (with VermX a natural wormer) and theyre poo's all went normal, sun was shining, all was good.


Patsy got a compacted croop (her first tummy at the top of her chest). So i began messaging her in the morning and evening and making her food into a more managable paste and eventually we got rid of it. But she was never the same after that. although cleared of a blockage, her weight continued to drop. She hardly eats now that i can tell, rarely drinks. When we hand feed her she pecks at the air, completely missing the food which leads me to think she is blind now to.
She bumbles slowley from spot to spot, sits and sunbathes and sleeps all the time slowly getting smaller no matter how many times we try and feed her up. Weve tried normal layer pellets. A mush made with water, oil etc. Even wet cat food which i was told would give her a protien boost to perk her up but its not helping.

To look at her and hold her,
Her watle is pink, not has red as her sisters. But his is proberbly lack of food. She still lays the odd egg from time to time but the shells are very thin and fragile.
Her poos are watery and more yellow than the other chickens, no signs of worms tho. An upset tummy from not eating right i think (She still goes through a regular worming cycle)
She pecks at thin air when feeding which, ive been told, means she is struggling to see or is blind. If she drops some food, she tries to peck at it, ususally missing it completely and coming up with a beak full of woodshavings. Yet her eyes look fine. No signs of greying, no weeping, no puss or discolouration.

Has anyone any ideas to help or would the kindest thing be to have her put to sleep? I cant find anything online and have no avian Vets anywhere near me.

My other chickens are fine. Lively, scratching, pooping, egg laying, singing and having a ball enjoying spring.
Patsy just seems to be rolling from one disaster to the next. :(


Upset chicken owner

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Flippin' heck!
I had no idea it wasn't effective. Il get o. That right away!! Thanks!

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