Is this the Variance application I need to fill out?

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    think this is more more building and construction.
    Zone Change Request Form
    Zone Change Request Schedule
    A Zoning Change Request form is needed when the owner of a property wishes to request a change of zoning on any tract of land. Requests are first heard at a Public Hearing by the Planning and Zoning Commission. The Commission then makes a recommendation which is automatically forwarded to the Lewisville City Council for consideration at a second Public Hearing. For additional information call Economic Development and Planning at (972) 219-3455.
    Zoning Board of Adjustment Form
    ZBOA Request Schedule
    The Zoning Board of Adjustment is the only City board authorized to consider variances from the Zoning Ordinance. The Board can consider such variances only in a limited number of situations such as for height or setbacks. Variance requests are considered by the Board at a public hearing. A Zoning Ordinance Variance application form is required for any variance request to the Zoning Ordinance. There is a $100 fee for Zoning Ordinance Variance requests. For additional information call Economic Development and Planning Services at (972) 219-3455.
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    Wow, $100 fee just to apply for a variance? The Zoning change form described in your text does NOT appear to be the correct form to fill out, however the form you linked to looks to me like the right thing!

    We've decided to stay put for the time being, but submitting a variance request was going to be my first order of business had we moved to the town we were considering (which allowed chickens only in AG zoned areas). Thankfully the fee for that was only $15 so I wasn't out a lot if they said "No"... with a $100 price of admission though, I'd be sure to have all my ducks in a row! Permission from all the neighbors secured ahead of time, etc etc.

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    Yeah, I'm just going to wait till I get busted and then file an appeal. Go through the system that way. I know they have approved two Chicken variances so I think I should have a good chance.
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    Find out the process for those who DID get a variance for their chickens. It is sometimes more difficult (or even impossible) to get a variance when you have been cited than if you had done things in the correct sequence.
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    Quote:Excellent point.

    I tried to get a variance for a building set back from 20 feet to 15 feet. Had the city planner look at my property, he thought it was great. Had the neighbors write a really nice letter saying they wanted the barn closer to their property. All properties within a certain distance of mine notified with no one saying they were concerned. Denied. Very frustrating process.

    The city guy was present at the hearing and actually went to the P&Z Board after they had adjourned and I had left and went to bat for me. They re-conviened (almost unheard of) and re-voted to allow the variance. They reversed because I went to they city first, consulted with the city guy and did my homework. Had I not had the city guy come out and look at my property and had he not been there to talk to the Board, I would have had to go to the City Council to ask them to overturn the Board's decision.

    I recommend being proactive and having all of your bases covered. Be super-nice when you talk to folks because you want them on your side!
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    Yes, I agree with that. That is why I was calling trying to get the variance application. I called both the City Code Enforcement office ,which refrerred me to the Animal Control Office. Both places gave me good information. Both relayed the 'mood' Noone really cares if you have chickens as long as there are no complaints.So I'm rolling with the flow.

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