Is this thing coming after my chickens?


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8 Years
Sep 1, 2011
Hello all! I have 6 hens in my backyard, 2 are very small. I have caught this roadrunner twice today in my backyard. I was able to get very close to it to take some pictures. I have a metal cowboy "scarecrow" that had blown over, so I am thinking that is why he came into the backyard.

It is such a pretty animal, but will it eat my little hens?




That is what I am afraid of! I know there are mice, scorpions, and snakes in my backyard and I am hoping he is just eating those. He seems to like to hang out around the rocks at the fenceline so hopefully he will stay there, and not come up close to the house where the chickens lounge around. I am just worried about the 2 small hens, my other hens are big and fat and too fluffy to eat!
I hope it leaves your chickens alone. I must say though - they are really cool pictures that you took of it! I have never seen an up-close, in person picture of a roadrunner!!
Thanks. It was having a hard time flying out of my yard and I was able to get very close to it. And then it managed to get on the fence and left. And then came back!

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