is this true? Turkeys drowning in the rain!!!


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Apr 9, 2009
I read a very hilarious article yesterday about the difference between raising chickens and Turkeys. It had me laughing out loud. Then with a feeling of dread I realized that I was going to be raising turkeys soon(15 beltsville small white Turkeys day 9 in the bator).

In the article the women said she had raised her turkeys to an age when they could be outside. They were outside with the chickens and it was pouring rain. The chickens had enough sense to go back to the barn. The turkeys? Well the turkeys were out in the field in the pouring rain, looking up mouths opened. 2 of them drowned themselves before she could herd them back to safety. She also quotes that an old time farmer told her he had seen a flock of 200 turkeys all die this way!

Well this article was hilarious but it was also based on this womens actual experience raising turkeys.

Does this actually happen?
No. Young turkeys are very suseptible to chilling when they get wet. Chilling kills them not drowning unless they fall into the pond or creek.
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Well thanks. It seemed implausible but it was written and I always believe everything I read
you have no idea how many times we heard that when we got our turks.. for reliable people!!! we heard how stupid they were etc... its all a bunch of hooey

turks have a LOT of personality - they are really funny


the big difference we found between turks and chickens is that while chickens are really curious (hey whats that? what are you doin? can i help?)... turkeys do NOT like new things. for instance, they love apples - fun to chase! taste good! wheee apples are fun.

but when we put in fresh apple pulp from a nearby cider press... they wouldnt eat it - were afraid to approach the bucket - gave it a wide berth.. not interested at all. we put corn in it. nope. thats all we gave them to eat. nope. put it on the ground - they left it.

so the 'easily chilled' and that they are 'hard starts' and that they arent as curious as chickens (what people may be used to) may be why they are misinterpreted.

but we love ours!
I think I will enjoy ours too. I had some here for a few days (chick sitting) and they made the absolute cutest noises!
ssshhhhh.. dont tell the others.. but i think turkey poults are cuter than chicks! sshhhhh.....

i love the peep peep peep!
actually by standing in the rain with their heads straight up to the sky they maximize the amount of water that runs off their feathers... if they stood normal it would be easier for them to become water logged... I read about a study done on that... it was very interesting.
This is my 2nd year raising turkeys they are very stupid animals. I lost 5-6 to drowing in the waterer my first year. You have to put rocks in the waterer so they can't stick their beeks all the way into the water.

I have no doubt a very young turkey could drown in the rain.
My dad had pet turkeys (he bought them to eat but my mom named all of them) would stand out in the rain and get colds so my dad would throw a Asprin down their throat LOL

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