Isabel silkie color...and the other colors that happens with buff lavenders...


8 Years
Jun 4, 2011
middle earth
People have no idea what I am talking about when I mention the color Isabel.

With all the silkie people doing blue cream projects, using buff and lavender birds together, it seems like there would be Isabel colored chickens popping up and no one mentions them. Are people calling them gray instead?

What different colors are coming out of buff/lavender projects? Columbian, coronation, gray, black splits, weird colored mutt splits lol, Isabel, blue creams eventually...

Here is a picture of what I call is from a popular ebay seller with the egg marked buff/lavender. Am I wrong? Is this not Isabel?

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Your silkies are amazing. I can't find any silkies of good quality (bad pet quality) around me, so I don't have any. I hope one day to have ones as gorgeous as your girls! !!
Thank you! I would love to share my lines with Canada. Is it legal to ship eggs to Canada from the United States? I would love to try and get you some eggs when my breeders start laying. If its legal, that is.
This post was years ago but looking for Isabel eggs...
Hope to be breeding some soon from my flock have to wait and see how everyone turns out as my lavenders are still just little babies and have some growing left to do. But I currently already own a few beautiful buffs, (hens and roosters) and partridges to go along with them to start them out with to try it.

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