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I am trying to help my uncle find some call ducks.

Can anyone recommend a good source for call ducks? He's looking for any variety other than the grays as he has some of them already. He'd prefer that they be close enough for him to pick up in person, but that would limit sellers to about a 300 mile radius from Mobile, AL. He'd prefer adults, but might consider ducklings.

For myself, has anyone bought call duck babies via mail with happy results? If so, from whom did you get them? Prices I've seen, few though they are, are definitely not cheap.

Many thanks for your help. Hope all your eggs hatch and your feed bags never run empty.
I would recommend Lee Morey.....Tampa, Fla.
Pokey McElhaney.....Spring City, Tn.
Art Lundgren..........NY
Charley Holdum....Corinth, Ms.
Any of these should have very nice birds. Probably not until fall tho...
Call ducklings do not ship eggs to hatch or pick up ducklings!
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Thanks. I don't currently have ducks so did not really need to join another forum, just wanted his contact info. But thanks for the site info.

I did buy call ducklings from eggbid, can't remember how old they were. They arrived safely, no problems there, but a few months later a racoon broke in and killed all of my calls. I have also bought some beautiful Mandarin ducks there...
I dont know if you got my message I am new to this site. But I thought I would let you know I do have Call Ducks. I have the Snowys & a trio of white if you are interested just let me know. The white are gorgeous but I favor them. I also have Blue Fawn & Buff but I only sell eggs from those. I have 2 drakes & 6-8 females on the snowys. I am selling out of the snowys. I just have to many right now. I had almost 50 last week. I am now down to the low low number of 20 Now to let you know I dont ship & the snowys are going for $15.00 each. So if you are interested please let me know. Thank you so much.
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Bitty Girl you should check into putting up auctions on for your eggs!!

I responded to a prevous post you made. Hope you find it!
LOL if you saw my back yard you'd really think I should I dont even eat my eggs.LOL I have Pheonix bantams & stand, Ongadori, Call ducks, silkies, pheasant, quail, Frizzle ect everything even fantails & I dont really sell to many eggs. I hatch them then end up w/50-100 babies broodin out at a

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